A Reminder for You: You’re Worth It!

The past few weeks I’ve been incredibly busy working as an assistant for someone I greatly admire. Though it’s been an incredibly amazing experience full of new learnings, it’s made me forget a few bits about myself. For example, since I’ve been doing so much writing for her managing her social media accounts, I felt simply that I didn’t have the creative juices left to write for my own blog, and let it go quiet the past few weeks.

But thankfully, G-d blessed me with wonderful friends who I’d like to take a few seconds to name: Thank you Lara for reminding me “not to let my fire go out while trying to cook” and to take care of myself also. Thank you Chava for being concerned about me getting enough sleep. And thank you Rivky for always being there to listen and give me great advice.

There’s a line from the book/movie Perks of Being a Wallflower (book by Stephen Chbosky) I particularly like that goes, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Or in my own paraphrase, the way we allow others to treat us is how we would treat ourselves. The problem with the statement (and what makes it so true) is that word “think” – we accept the love we THINK we deserve. This is why those with low self-esteems are typically the ones who allow themselves to be treated lowly by others, whether by their family members, friends, or even employers. They simply cannot imagine they are worth anything more. They explain away compliments, and push away those who try to get close to them, not understanding why anyone would want to.

But to the people reading this, I just wanted you to start your week with someone telling you are YOU ARE WORTH IT. You DESERVE love. You DESERVE it when your friends tell you to take better care of yourself, because yes you are worthy of being loved – and actually, in the first place, yes you do deserve friends. You deserve happiness. You deserve inner peace. You deserve to be treated well not only by others, but by yourself. You deserve to keep trying until you succeed at what you want to. You are worth it. Whether you are looking for someone to tell you this now or not, I’m telling you anyway, because everyone needs reminding now and then. You are worth it, and you are a wonderful person with incredible potential.

And by the way, it’s not just me that thinks so. There is a Jewish prayer that one should say right upon waking (even before your opening your eyes!) that, translated, goes, “I gratefully thank you, living and eternal King, for You have returned your soul within me with compassion – your faithfulness is great!”

Point one: Note that you say this prayer everyday. Every single morning, G-d decides that the world needs you in it. Every single day, you have something to contribute to the world. Your presence here is not random. You were purposely “re-gifted” your soul, every day.

Point two: The Hebrew version of the prayer actually uses the word “Emunah” which is usually translated as “faith” but is actually a lot deeper than faith. Emunah is when you are so sure of something you don’t even bother coming up with a Plan B, since there’s no chance Plan A isn’t going to work – that level of certainty. And this prayer is you telling yourself that G-d has “Emunah” in YOU. G-d is SURE that you’re worth returning your soul to, every single day. Isn’t that amazing? Just think:

how cool.jpg

G-d – the Creator of the UNIVERSE – thinks that you are worth it, and that you deserve love and life and blessings. That’s pretty impressive.

So thank you again G-d, Lara, Chava, and Rivky, and everyone else along the way for caring about me and reminding me I’m worth it. Thank you to myself for choosing to accept their love. And I hope and pray that you, reading this now, also accept love for yourself over the next few hours, days, weeks, and months ahead.



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