Meet the Seeker

IMG_3458 (1)Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Bernice, a 25-year old girl living in the Philippines. Back in 2013, I pretty much “accidentally” stumbled onto the Torah and began my spiritual journey. Nothing could have prepared me for how drastically my life would change by making small, tiny, meaningful changes in my life, one at a time. This blog is a record of my experiences, thoughts, and realizations as I continue down my path in search for a meaningful life to live, primarily centered around my Torah learnings. I am sharing these thoughts with the hope it will help someone else along their journey, wherever they may be along it. May all these happen, according to G-d’s will!

Why “Seeker”? Because I am literally seeking meaning and light in this world, of course. But it is also a little tribute to where I made my first ever Jewish friend – on a Harry Potter website. Therefore, to those who understand the Harry Potter reference of my blog name, ten points to your House!

I currently work for a rebbetzin, Devorah Stieglitz (, and am a guest writer for Israel News Talk Radio.

My other articles:

Judaism in the Eyes of a Non-Jew


3 thoughts on “Meet the Seeker

  1. I was so happy to read your article on Aish, and came here to “meet” you some more. I mainly use facebook, but could not find you there. Do you have a facebook page that I could follow? Thank you, and wishing you continued goodness as a servant of HaShem, and much happiness. Best wishes, Shoshana Siegelman


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