Lessons from a Fire

Very early in the morning of April 1st, Friday, a fire spread through the Faculty Center of my University, the University of the Philippines. It started on the third floor, and spread quickly throughout the rest of the building. The “FC” (as it was fondly called) housed the offices of over 250 professors from the … More Lessons from a Fire

Saying Thank You

“Imagine you’re driving and very nearly get into an accident! You would be thanking G-d like crazy that you got through it safe. But what if you got to your destination with no incident whatsoever? How grateful do you think you’d be to G-d?” Dr. Dovid Lieberman asked in one of his classes. He gives … More Saying Thank You

Sanctifying G-d

A few weeks back I wrote about Morning Blessings, and that got me really thinking about each blessing more carefully. And then I realized: I had always wondered about “sleep from my eyes and slumber from my eyelids” … why the differentiation? How was sleep different from slumber? I wrote my mentor Eliezer about it, … More Sanctifying G-d

Morning Blessings

There are lots of beautiful prayers in Judaism. But some of my absolute favorites are the set of blessings said in the morning upon waking. I find them a beautiful way to remember all the blessings I have, as well as also a nice list of requests from G-d for the day. To the best … More Morning Blessings