Good vs. Perfect (Or “Dirty & Tired part 2”)

I recently heard a fantastic episode of Rob Bell’s podcast where he discussed the idea of Good vs. Perfect. Good, he explained, was a concept that came from the Hebrews. In fact, the first chapter of the Torah was G-d explaining how everything He created was “good” … light was good, dark was good, earth … More Good vs. Perfect (Or “Dirty & Tired part 2”)

Shavuos and Growth

Last Saturday (June 11th) evening until Monday evening (evening June 13th) is a Jewish holiday called “Shavuos” or literally translated, weeks. This article points out something interesting: The name “Shavuos” (lit. Weeks – I.e. the seven weeks between leaving Egypt and receiving the Torah), on the other hand, invokes none of these glorious thoughts. Rather, … More Shavuos and Growth


We all know how it feels like to be burnt out. You are so tired by everything that is going on, you book yourself a vacation to “recharge” – and then go right back to your routine, and the cycle goes on and on. But I recently learned from Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller the one-word solution … More Motive