Almost three years ago, in the Hebrew year 5774 (or 2013), I had more or less just started learning about Judaism and was still touching on the basics of each topic. Rosh Hashana had just ended and I was speaking with a friend about it, when she suddenly said, “I’m sad because Yom Kippur is … More Shabbos

Sanctifying G-d

A few weeks back I wrote about Morning Blessings, and that got me really thinking about each blessing more carefully. And then I realized: I had always wondered about “sleep from my eyes and slumber from my eyelids” … why the differentiation? How was sleep different from slumber? I wrote my mentor Eliezer about it, … More Sanctifying G-d

Morning Blessings

There are lots of beautiful prayers in Judaism. But some of my absolute favorites are the set of blessings said in the morning upon waking. I find them a beautiful way to remember all the blessings I have, as well as also a nice list of requests from G-d for the day. To the best … More Morning Blessings