Good vs. Perfect (Or “Dirty & Tired part 2”)

I recently heard a fantastic episode of Rob Bell’s podcast where he discussed the idea of Good vs. Perfect. Good, he explained, was a concept that came from the Hebrews. In fact, the first chapter of the Torah was G-d explaining how everything He created was “good” … light was good, dark was good, earth … More Good vs. Perfect (Or “Dirty & Tired part 2”)

Shavuos and Growth

Last Saturday (June 11th) evening until Monday evening (evening June 13th) is a Jewish holiday called “Shavuos” or literally translated, weeks. This article points out something interesting: The name “Shavuos” (lit. Weeks – I.e. the seven weeks between leaving Egypt and receiving the Torah), on the other hand, invokes none of these glorious thoughts. Rather, … More Shavuos and Growth

Playing Your Music

Tonight I went to watch a friend perform the Sibelius Violin Concerto. It was a full house, and she was beyond fantastic. What struck me the most about her playing though wasn’t how clean all the notes were but how she was able to interpret the music. The movement that was patterned after a dance … More Playing Your Music