Praying for Faith

“Do you know the Rambam?” My Israeli friend texts me. “Of course!” I reply. (Side Note: Rambam is an acronym for Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (“Rabbeinu Moshe Ben Maimon,” or “Our rabbi /teacher Moses Son of Maimon), and Latinized as Moses Maimonides. He was a preeminent medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher and astronomer, and  became one … More Praying for Faith

“G-d willing!”

“See you tomorrow, G-d willing.” I was most certainly not expecting this kind of text from my Jewish friend and was extremely mortified, to put it lightly. See you tomorrow, G-D WILLING?? What kind of greeting was that?? Of course we’d see each other tomorrow, neither of us was sick (thank G-d) or living in … More “G-d willing!”