Shavuos and Growth

Last Saturday (June 11th) evening until Monday evening (evening June 13th) is a Jewish holiday called “Shavuos” or literally translated, weeks. This article points out something interesting: The name “Shavuos” (lit. Weeks – I.e. the seven weeks between leaving Egypt and receiving the Torah), on the other hand, invokes none of these glorious thoughts. Rather, … More Shavuos and Growth

Lessons from a Fire

Very early in the morning of April 1st, Friday, a fire spread through the Faculty Center of my University, the University of the Philippines. It started on the third floor, and spread quickly throughout the rest of the building. The “FC” (as it was fondly called) housed the offices of over 250 professors from the … More Lessons from a Fire

“G-d willing!”

“See you tomorrow, G-d willing.” I was most certainly not expecting this kind of text from my Jewish friend and was extremely mortified, to put it lightly. See you tomorrow, G-D WILLING?? What kind of greeting was that?? Of course we’d see each other tomorrow, neither of us was sick (thank G-d) or living in … More “G-d willing!”