Saying Thank You

“Imagine you’re driving and very nearly get into an accident! You would be thanking G-d like crazy that you got through it safe. But what if you got to your destination with no incident whatsoever? How grateful do you think you’d be to G-d?” Dr. Dovid Lieberman asked in one of his classes. He gives … More Saying Thank You

Perfect Timing

A few nights ago I was at a pre-Chanukah ladies’ night at Chabad Manila. There, unexpectedly, I met a woman who was a certified Hebrew teacher. When she found out I already knew some Hebrew and could keep up a basic conversation, she gave me her calling card. By the following day, I had mostly put … More Perfect Timing


Prayer has been a baffling issue to me as of late. If I pray to ask G-d for something, is that not arrogant of me to assume I understand my needs better than G-d Himself does? Of course He knows and is giving me what is best for me already. But of course, you still do pray … More Prayer